Rates and Practices

At Murphy Lomon & Associates we believe that honesty and transparency are at the heart of a good client relationship. There are no hidden fees and all rates are communicated in advance.

  • 25% on the first $2000
  • 20% on the excess $2000
  • 50% on accounts under $500
  • Returned merchandise 50% of normal rates
  • Claims over $20,000 rates negotiable
  • Prior to placement international accounts 40% on actual collections

Preferred rates are available for volume and early placement of accounts.

Finders Fee
If our investigation reveals that an account was paid or resolved prior to placement, one-half of the normal fee will apply.

Litigation Accounts
If litigation becomes necessary, the creditor will advance court costs. A rate of 40% will apply, contingent on collection. The attorney will perform an investigation and recommend action. The decision remains with the client at all times. In no case will any action be taken without authorization by the client.