Credit Management Consultation

The MLA Senior staff has multiple years of credit management and recovery experience.

We have personally managed large functional & staff responsibilities in many industries including manufacturing, distribution, medical, and financial companies.

  • We have consulted with multiple clients across many industries in contract completion as pertinent to recovery protection.
  • MLA professionals have expertise in collection cost recovery, interest, and late fee security.
  • MLA staff has experience in security instruments to provide additional recourse in the event of default company failure.
  • We consult with an external attorney network individually on specific customized recovery plans in concurrence with client involvement and approval.
  • Ongoing information and options provided to clients during the legal and litigation process.
  • Expertise in all security and recovery instruments to assist clients in the pre-credit extension and risk analysis process.
  • Social media utilization.
  • Credit Reporting Agencies ramifications and considerations.
  • Tax liability to defaulting party.